About YIN

Young IFA Network (YIN) was established with the aim to increase the participation of tax professionals in IFA during the early stages of their careers so that they can develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their peers from across the world. YIN Hong Kong is a new programme that was recently set up by the IFA Hong Kong branch to promote this YIN concept in Hong Kong.

  • Objectives of YIN Hong Kong


  1. To stimulate YIN Hong Kong members to participate actively in fiscal policy, to enhance the cooperation between new and long-term IFA members, and to create, enhance and maintain social networking with fellow professionals at IFA Hong Kong level and worldwide.
  2. To attract more IFA members in the early stages of their careers to provide a forum for developing international tax contacts and exchanging ideas on international tax matters.


  • Who can join YIN Hong Kong?

IFA members who are 40 years of age or younger.

Would you like to be part of the YIN-committee and/or would like to participate in its events?

Please let us know.

Lucas Ting

YIN Committee Chair